First Lies (The Second Life, #1) Jessica Cruz



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First Lies   (The Second Life, #1)  by  Jessica Cruz

First Lies (The Second Life, #1) by Jessica Cruz
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My name is Adriana Ward, and I am an addict. Yes, an addict. To what? Well, a lot of things.I drink. I smoke. I occasionally snort some things, too. And you know what? Im having the time of my life.For once, I can deal with the pressure that comes with being the daughter of a miracle-worker surgeon father. For once, Im learning how to cope with and accept my narcissistic, gold digger mother as a person. For once, Im just worried about me...Except, life has this funny way of forcing you to face reality and deal with problems when you least expect it. Being an addict is tough though.

It means youre a liar. It means youll do whatever it takes to get your way. It means youll blame everybody else when in reality YOU are the problem. Every moment you live is about getting that next high, whether its by being all coked up on stage like a glorified, naked idol or by downing a bottle of vodka in just a few gulps until youre enveloped by a cloud of numbness.Fortunately, I think, for the first time in my life, Ive actually found someone worth staying sober for...but Im an addict.

Despite my feelings for him, I will still lie. I will still get my way. I will still find any excuse imaginable to feel the rush of a high...all while in nothing but a pair of super-high heels and a mask to hide my identity while living this second life…as Philly’s most notorious stripper.My name is Adriana Ward, and I am an addict.

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